2009 News

TheParentingNotebook.com launches web-based service to help separated families keep close

ORLANDO, Fla. (Jan. 08, 2009) ---TheParentingNotebook.com, an Orlando company, has launched an innovative web-based service that helps separated families stay close.
Attorney Lyzette SanGermain, a family law mediator, founder and chief executive officer of TheParentingNotebook.com, said the new web site provides a way for distant parents---deployed military members, divorced or separated parents, parents who travel extensively, or a growing segment of transient breadwinners such as moms and dads who leave to find jobs in a slowing economy, to maintain close contact with their children and fulfill their parenting role despite distance and disjointed schedules.

“In my practice as an attorney and family law mediator, I’ve watched many good parents struggle with difficult and painful circumstances.” SanGermain said. “When moms and dads are deployed overseas or frequently away from their children for any reason, it’s difficult to play a significant parenting role,” said SanGermain. “TheParentingNotebook.com offers a way to stay in close touch---to share intimate family experiences that are so critical to parenting---in a secure, private environment.”
The site provides user-friendly tools to help parents play an active role in the emotional, social, and intellectual development of their children. It offers specific tools such as appealing interactive games and exercises that help parents learn more about their children’s emotional and social development. Such revelations range from the simple---knowing a child’s favorite breakfast cereal or literary character---to more complex issues such as school bullies, emotional crushes and trouble with science homework.

“We aren’t designed as a parenting substitute, but we are the next best thing when separation is the only choice,” she explained.
The ParentingNotebook.com offers extreme security.. Only family members authorized by the subscribing parent can enter a site, and some parts, such as family finances and medical details, are off-limits to children. A family may accommodate grandparents and extended family members on the site, but not without both parents’ permission. And both parents can set further preferences to keep one child’s personal page private from a sibling, for example.
SanGermain is partnering with attorneys, family counselors, judges, mediators and others involved in family courts, as well as educational and faith-based organizations that work with families in transition. Membership is free to military families and stressed families whom courts deem unable to afford the service.
TheParentingNotebook.com is a client of the UCF Business Incubation Program at the Technology Incubator in the Central Florida Research Park.

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