2009 News

UCF and OptiGrate strengthen IP bonds

Orlando, FL (February 24, 2009) – The University of Central Florida (UCF)
and OptiGrate Corp., an Orlando-based company that started 10 years ago with
commercialization of a breakthrough technology developed at UCF, have extended a
licensing agreement giving the company exclusive rights to make, sell and sub-license
its full line of distinctive holographic optical elements.

OptiGrate, a client of UCF’s award winning-Business Incubation Program, designs
and manufactures a full range of volume Bragg gratings (VBG), a type of unique
narrowband optical filter for industrial, scientific, and defense applications. Superior
technologies devised by the founder of the company, UCF Optics Professor Leon
Glebov, allow OptiGrate to offer patented volume Bragg gratings with record

OptiGrate was the first company that started commercialization of volume Bragg
gratings in the late 1990’s and continues to set records in VBG technologies, supplying
trademarked BragGrate™ gratings to customers in five continents.

With the renewed agreement, UCF’s complete VBG-related patent portfolio and
all technology improvements made at UCF can be exclusively used by OptiGrate
to protect its VBG manufacturing as well as secure OptiGrate’s customers in
implementing BragGrate™ products in their applications. “We have pioneered VBG
in inorganic glass and patented key VBG technologies covering high efficiency grating
fabrication, use of VBG’s in all laser resonators for mode selection and stabilization,
including laser diodes, of course, use of chirped Bragg gratings for ultra-short pulse
stretching and compression and many other applications that require spectral and
angular filtering,” said Glebov, who serves as OptiGrate’s chief technical officer.

“In 2008, UCF was ranked among the top 10 universities in the nation in technology
strength,” said M.J. Soileau, UCF’s vice president for research and commercialization.
Technology such as that developed by OptiGrate helped the university achieve that
standing. “We are proud to achieve this milestone and we strongly support UCF spinoffs
converting technologies born at UCF into real markets,” Soileau said.

Alexei Glebov, chief executive officer of OptiGrate, said that ”with the extension of
this agreement we not only strengthen our bonds with UCF but also convey to our
customers a clear statement that the highest quality patents will guard our products
and our customers who trust BragGrate™ quality in their applications.”

About OptiGrate Corp.
OptiGrate Corp. is a fast-growing privately owned company that was spun out of the
University of Central Florida’s Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers
(CREOL) in 1999. OptiGrate designs and manufactures a full range of volume Bragg
gratings in inorganic photosensitive silicate glass and supplies custom-built as well as volume
orders of diffractive optical components to a number of government contractors as well as key
industrial and academic players in optoelectronics, analytical, and semiconductor industries.
More information is available at www.OptiGrate.com. Phone: 407-381-4115.