2009 News

GeoMotion To Unveil Newest Products To Combat Childhood Obesity at Phoenix Conference

ORLANDO, FL (Sept. 21, 2009) - GeoMotion Group, an innovative fitness and learning company which offers a variety of programs for children and active seniors, will unveil their newest products at the annual conference of the Arizona Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance ( AzAHPERD) to be held September 24 in Phoenix.

GeoMotion Group products have all been developed based on research proving how physical activity can dramatically enhance learning and academic success while making an impact on reducing childhood obesity.

“We have experienced unprecedented growth because of the unique solutions GeoMotion offers,“ says Dr. Debby Mitchell, President and Founder of GeoMotion Group. “The epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is something our company is committed to impacting in a positive way.”

The newest product line – Learnercise – targets pre-school and early elementary age children and gets them up and moving while learning numbers, colors, time, the alphabet and more.

GeoMotion’s three product lines all utlize multi-sensory, movement based activities to make physical fitness fun while contributing to enhanced learning and brain development and making physical exercise fun starting as an early age.

Leslie DeRuiter-Hudson, AzAHPERD President, stated,: “In 2007, I purchased the GeoFitness mats for my school with grant money.  One of the goals of the grant was to increase physical activity through innovative equipment.  Our K-5 students and staff love the GeoFitness mats.  We use them for fitness, dance and games.  You can use them so many different ways and we see every day a positive change in our students.  They are definitely worth the money.”

GeoMotion Group includes 3 distinct product lines which can interact to offer a complete solution: GeoFitness makes each person successful through fitness activities. Learnercise gets children up moving while learning numbers, colors, alphabet, time, and more. GeoDance makes learning to dance simple and fun through children's choreographed routines.

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Debby Mitchell, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Sports and Fitness for the University of Central Florida, GeoMotion Group is a client of the University of Central Florida Business Incubator Program.

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About GeoMotion Group:
GeoMotion Group is an innovative fitness and learning company which offers a variety of programs for pre-school to schools, and active seniors. They include: Nutrition Education, Active Learning, Children's Choreography, Integrated Academics and Games, Hip Hop, Partner and Latin Dance, Cardiovascular Activities, Functional Integrated Training and Fitness circuits, Athletic, Plyometrics (GeoMetrix) and Sport Specific Training. To learn more about GeoMotion Group please visit: www.geomotiongroup.com or call 407-275-0510. For the West Coast please contact d.hernandez@geomotiongroup.com.

About the UCF Incubator Program:

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